Welcome to 2013 in the Garden!


A Letter from Terry Spotts, Owner

Welcome winter. Welcome 2013.

After ten years of business, many gardening adventures, a lot of lessons learned, and mountains of compost and mulch moved and caringly worked into our customers’ gardens, Spotts Garden Service is poised for a great year in 2013.

Moving forward into 2013. Nothing but good times ahead!

Why? Great question! We have

  • •  Amazing customers who not only support us, but also allow us to indulge our creativity and passion in their gardens. It’s a great gig!
  • •  Excellent partners to work with: Riley Area Development Organization, East 10th Street Civic Association, Irvington Development Organization and Green Initiative, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Irvington Garden Club, Steven Shattuck, Growing Places Indy, and our newest partner, Indy Winter Farmers Market.
  • •  An incredible staff of gardeners with passion and devotion to our work and our customers.
  • •  Knowledge of and experience with  sustainable, earth-wise (and vital) gardening practices, including composting, permaculture, organic gardening, rain gardens, backyard farming, vegetable and fruit gardening, green roofs, and vertical gardening.
  • •  A few tricks up our sleeves and a major announcement for Spotts Garden Service in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Onward to 2013! Winter, spring, summer, and fall promise to bring triumphs in our gardens—perhaps a few surprises and disappointments, too. But that is part of the process.

Get out and enjoy the splendor of garden and Earth. You will be glad you did. We always are.

Happy new year!

A lover of earth, plants, and the outdoor world, Terry founded Spotts Garden Service in 2002 with the idea of bringing personal attention to both gardens and the people who own and enjoy them. A graduate of IUPUI with a degree in biology and an Advanced Master Gardener, Terry has a passion for shrubs and ornamental grasses.

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