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Warm Winter Means Garden Changes

Cherries | Spotts Garden Service

While many people are celebrating our incredibly mild winter, we gardeners are feeling uneasy. Winter is a time of rest and reset in the garden. Without consistent cold, we can expect some changes in our gardens this growing season. Here’s what to

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Frost and Freeze in the Garden

Frost on kale | Spotts Garden Service

Savvy gardeners watch for frosts at both edges of the growing season. Read on for our breakdown of terms, the difference between a frost and a freeze, and what you can do to protect your garden plants.

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5 Weather-Watching Tricks for the Organic Gardener

Soil Temperature Reading | Spotts Garden Service

Every garden task has its own season, and these seasons depend largely on the weather. So gardeners spend a lot of time watching the weather, commenting on the weather, and—frequently—moaning about the weather. In fact, the only people who talk

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Growing Under Glass: Cold Frames

These cold frames at Chicago Botanic Garden back up to a brick wall, which holds heat and releases it into the frames. These frames are beautifully made, but you can create a simpler one by making a box with a window on top of it.

By March, Indiana gardeners are anxious to get their hands into the soil, which often remains too cold and too wet for digging. That is, unless you’re one of the lucky gardeners who has a cold frame.

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Recording the Seasons: The Garden Journal

The garden journal is a gardener’s record book, personal history, and auxilary memory. At its simplest, the journal is a place to record what you planted, when, and how well it did. The more detail oriented may record temperature, rain,

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