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The Organic Kitchen Garden

Amy F's organic kitchen garden takes advantage of raised beds to maximize a sliver of space in the garden.

We say, bring back the kitchen garden! Whether it’s a window box full of mint for mojitos or a garden of raised beds, the kitchen garden deserves to reappear in our lives. Fine food begins in the garden. One of

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Pumpkins: A Fall Fave

Pumpkin pals | Spotts Garden Service

Nothing is more emblematic of the fall garden—and Halloween—than a bright orange pumpkin. We present to you a few facts about fall’s favorite crop.

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The Grazing Garden

Raspberries on fence | Spotts Garden Service

One of the great joys of growing food yourself is nibbling on plants as you work in the garden. But even if you don’t want a full-on kitchen garden, you can tuck plants into your ornamental design that let you snack

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10 Steps to a Terrific Salad Garden

Looseleaf lettuce | Spotts Garden Service

Fast-growing, fresh-tasting, and lovers of cool weather, salad greens are among the first vegetables planted in spring. With frilly, flashy textures and a range of colors, salad plants are also a visual delight. Plants like lettuce are so easy, in

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Companion Planting in the Vegetable Garden

As you plan this year’s garden, consider using companion planting. By selecting plants that will repel certain pests or improve the soil around other crops, you can boost your yield.

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Square Foot Gardening: Maximum Food in Minimum Space

When space in the garden is tight, we look for every technique to make the most of it. And one of our favorites for vegetable gardening is Square Foot Gardening. Developed by Mel Bartholomew, Square Foot Gardening maximizes food yields

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Thanksgiving from the Garden

Cranberries can be grown in the home garden, provided you give them sufficiently acidic soil. Photo by Kristine Paulus, used under CC BY-2.0.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is pretty much a celebration of foods native to the Americas. From the turkey to the pumpkin pie, our native foods take center stage—including many that would not have been present at Plymouth. In fact, you might find

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Plant Now for Fall Vegetables!

Plant this summer, and you can harvest fall vegetables like turnips and beets even when the weather turns cold.

Believe it or not, you can harvest fresh veggies until Thanksgiving if you plant in July and August! So even while you’re harvesting beans, tomatoes, and other produce from the summer garden, it’s time to plant your fall vegetables.

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A Sizzling Salsa Garden

Pick a peck of peppers based on how hot you'd like your salsa.

We love the taste of fresh-from-the-garden salsa; no summer gathering is complete without it! You can grow all the ingredients; just find a sunny spot with good soil for your salsa garden.

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How To Choose Seeds for the Organic Vegetable Garden

Lettuce is an easy, direct-sow, cool weather crop, perfect for new gardeners.

New gardeners (and experienced ones too) often become overwhelmed by the seed choices available. Check out our tips to help you get exactly what you want when you choose seeds for the organic vegetable garden!

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