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A Word about Acorns


Squirrels aside, we often see acorns as just a nuisance and a tripping hazard. But the truth is, their utility is only limited by your imagination!

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Look Up! A Tree Walk

Street Trees | Spotts Garden Service

Trees are immensely valuable in the home landscape. Their shade helps cool our urban streets. They act as home to a host of creatures, insects to birds to squirrels. They reduce water runoff, fight air pollution, and take up carbon dioxide.

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When to Prune: The Garden Pruning Calendar

Fruit tree with winter pruning cut| Spotts Garden Service

You might think that there’s only one good time to prune, but that’s not true! Nearly every season has a pruning task.

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Emerald Ash Borer: Can Your Ash Be Saved?

The emerald ash borer (EAB) has been wreaking havoc on ash trees in the Midwest. Current thinking is that this Asian insect hitched a ride on a pallet from Asia and jumped shore near Detroit. While relatively harmless in its

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City Tree, Forest Tree

Just as the Town Mouse lived a very different life than the Country Mouse in Æsop’s Fables, so does the city tree compared to the forest tree. ISA Certified Arborist, Jerome Delbridge (IN-3334A), takes us through the differences between caring for trees in an urban

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Treat Your Trees Kindly with Good Pruning

Last week, the Spotts crew noticed some people topping pear trees. We hate to see tree topping, which is incredibly bad for the health of the tree, and frankly, just plain ugly. No matter how common a practice it is, we take

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The Tree in Winter

When the leaves fall, we can really see the structure of the tree.

You might think that when snow is on the ground and a bite is in the air, the garden shuts down. Not so! When the pace of the garden slows, the Spotts crew turns our attention to tree health. We spoke

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Persimmon: Indiana Native and Kitchen Star

A persimmon at the perfect stage of ripeness.

With fall comes the return of Indiana’s native fruit, the persimmon. While best known for its status as the star in persimmon pudding, persimmon can be eaten out of hand or included in a host of other recipes.

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Rescuing Trees from Girdling Roots

Did you know that a tree can actually strangle itself with its own roots?

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Top 5 Edible Garden Shrubs

Kousa dogwood branch

Turns out, lots of plants we grow for their ornamental value are good in the kitchen, too! Here are five edible shrubs and trees you may already have growing in your garden. Consult a good guidebook before eating from any

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