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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 August Garden

butterfly coneflower garden

Savor long summer evenings in the garden, but don’t forget the bug spray!

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 July Garden

july garden coneflower grass

Thanks to record high temperatures and drought, gardens are looking dry. We expect to see fewer fall blooms that we usually do; and so many trees are losing leaves, it looks like September out there!

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 June Garden

Astilbe bloom june garden

Indiana gardens are glorious in June, especially during the early part of the month. Take a walk through yours!

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Finding a Fresh View in a Familiar Garden

lupin blue flower yosemite

Editor’s note: Gardener and tree aficionado Noah Gaddy recently returned from a vacation to western national parks. Here, he explores how a vacation out west brought him new insight into interacting with familiar gardens.

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Super Summer Pots: Warm-Weather Container Gardens

Summer pots | Spotts Garden Service

What could be more cheery than a windowbox overflowing with colorful blooms? Get the most form your summer pots with our tips.

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Amazing Alliums

A bumblebee finds this 'Purple Sensation' allium irresistible. Learn about using allium in your garden at

The alliums have just started blooming in our gardens. These ornamental onions are fabulous for adding height and whimsy to a border. Best of all, squirrels don’t like them, so they bloom for us year after year! In honor of

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Pruning Shrubs

When we prune shrubs, we want to maintain the natural shape of the plant and make it healthier. Whether your shrub is completely overgrown or just needs a little shaping up, here’s how to do it. Remember, prune summer- and

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Our State Fair Is a Great State Fair

Summer produce is rolling in, and the scent of fried food is in the air. It must be time for the state fair! We love the state fair. At some point, every one of our crew will head over to

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Coping with Drought in the Garden

2012 marks the third year in a row we’ve experienced summer drought in central Indiana. With dry summers becoming the new norm, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of how we use water.

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Caryopteris: a Star Shrub in the August Border

Caryopteris buds | Spotts Garden Service

As we move into August, lots of plants in the garden have passed their prime. Traditionally known as “the lull,” this late summer period calls out for plants that can add color to the garden no matter how hot it gets. Our favorite? Caryopteris.

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