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Perfect Peonies

Pink herbaceous peony | Perfect Peonies | Spotts Garden Service

Here in Indiana, peonies are synonymous with May. We’ve given them for Mother’s Day, cut them for May bridal showers, and used them to decorate graves on Memorial Day. Drive through nearly any neighborhood in May, and you’ll see at

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Frost and Freeze in the Spring Garden

Frost on kale | Spotts Garden Service

Savvy gardeners watch for frosts at both edges of the growing season. Read on for our breakdown of terms, the difference between a frost and a freeze, and what you can do to protect your garden plants.

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Lovely Spring Lilacs

Lilac blooms | Spotts Garden Service

Lilacs. Even the word conjures up the heady, sweet fragrance. For those of us in the northern half of the country, lilacs are a sure sign of spring. And fortunately for the gardener, they’re pretty tough plants.

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10 Steps to a Terrific Salad Garden

Looseleaf lettuce | Spotts Garden Service

Fast-growing, fresh-tasting, and lovers of cool weather, salad greens are among the first vegetables planted in spring. With frilly, flashy textures and a range of colors, salad plants are also a visual delight. Plants like lettuce are so easy, in

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Forsythia: Spring Fireworks

Forsythia and daffodils | Spotts Garden Service

Brilliant yellow forsythia shrubs are lighting up March gardens. Use them to colorful advantage in your garden!

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Hardy Annuals for Abundant Gardens

If the only annuals you plant are the bedding plants that come in plastic packs from the nursery, you’re missing an inexpensive way to make your garden look lush. Annuals grown from direct-sown seeds provide a huge return on very

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Daffodil Delirium!

Daffodils | Spotts Garden Service

This warm spring has prompted the daffodils to make an early entrance. In honor of their brilliant appearance, a few facts about daffodils!

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Spring Scheming: 5 Tips for the Early-Spring Garden

Emerging Hyacinth | Spotts Garden Service

We’re excited to head out into the garden, but we know better than to rush the season. So enjoy the last bit of quiet before the spring garden rush, and peruse our top 5 tips for the early-spring garden.

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The Kindest Cut: Pruning Shrubs in Spring

beauty berry purple berries

As the weather warms and buds swell on the shrubs, it’s the right time to prune! Here in central Indiana, early spring (mid-March to early April) is the best time for pruning shrubs that bloom in summer. But don’t take

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Pansies Are for Thoughts (and Cool Weather!)

Viola tricolor, Shakespeare's heartsease.

Pansies are appearing by the truckload in nurseries and gardens alike! Why do we love them so? From their sweet little faces to their multitude of colors, pansies are an ideal choice for perking up a winter-weary landscape.

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