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Perfect Peonies

Pink herbaceous peony | Perfect Peonies | Spotts Garden Service

Here in Indiana, peonies are synonymous with May. We’ve given them for Mother’s Day, cut them for May bridal showers, and used them to decorate graves on Memorial Day. Drive through nearly any neighborhood in May, and you’ll see at

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 May Garden

Centaurea | Spotts Garden Service

May is one of the most glorious months in the Indiana garden. Take a deep breath and enjoy the show!

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 April Garden

tulip hyacinth bulb april garden

It’s still mud season in central Indiana, but April is a prime month for blooming shrubs and trees.

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Frost and Freeze in the Garden

Frost on kale | Spotts Garden Service

Savvy gardeners watch for frosts at both edges of the growing season. Read on for our breakdown of terms, the difference between a frost and a freeze, and what you can do to protect your garden plants.

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 March Garden

Tete-a-Tete Daffodils | Spotts Garden Service

Pull on your muck boots and head outside to see what’s going on in your garden!

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Spring Pots: Cool-Weather Container Gardens

Spring pots with curly willow

We love pansies as much as the next gardener, but they aren’t the only option for your spring windowboxes and pots. Consider mixing up your flat of pansies with some other cold-hardy options to create gorgeous containers. Combining Colors In

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5 Favorite Spring-Blooming Shrubs for Small Gardens

wisteria blooms purple spring

The daffodils are open, the air is warming, and the spring garden is starting to bloom! The heavenly fragrances of spring-blooming shrubs are one of the best things about the spring garden. But many of the traditional spring bloomers are

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5 Steps to an Earth-Friendly Spring Garden Cleanup

Cut grass and daffodil | Spotts Garden Service

As earth-friendly gardeners, we’re always looking to refine our techniques in ways that benefit the garden and wildlife. One area in which we’ve made changes is how we handle garden cleanup. While we used to cut down as much as

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Warm Winter Means Garden Changes

Cherries | Spotts Garden Service

While many people are celebrating our incredibly mild winter, we gardeners are feeling uneasy. Winter is a time of rest and reset in the garden. Without consistent cold, we can expect some changes in our gardens this growing season. Here’s what to

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Lovely Spring Lilacs

Lilac blooms | Spotts Garden Service

Lilacs. Even the word conjures up the heady, sweet fragrance. For those of us in the northern half of the country, lilacs are a sure sign of spring. And fortunately for the gardener, they’re pretty tough plants.

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