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5 Favorite Spring-Blooming Shrubs for Small Gardens

wisteria blooms purple spring

The daffodils are open, the air is warming, and the spring garden is starting to bloom! The heavenly fragrances of spring-blooming shrubs are one of the best things about the spring garden. But many of the traditional spring bloomers are

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Feeding Birds in the Winter Garden

Finch and coneflower | Spotts Garden Service

As temperatures drop and food sources become a bit more scarce, birds can use extra help from gardeners. Consider feeding birds in your organic garden in late fall and winter, and encourage them with these strategies.

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5 Indiana Native Plants You Might Not Know Are Native

Phlox paniculata | Spotts Garden Service

There’s more to Indiana native plants than just coneflowers and black-eyed susans!

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The Fragrant Garden

Clethra alnifolia with butterfly | Spotts Garden Service

One of the delights of the garden is that it appeals to more than one sense. The beauty of color and form, the rustle of leaves, the texture of plants as you brush by, and—of course—the fragrance that envelopes you.

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Lovely Spring Lilacs

Lilac blooms | Spotts Garden Service

Lilacs. Even the word conjures up the heady, sweet fragrance. For those of us in the northern half of the country, lilacs are a sure sign of spring. And fortunately for the gardener, they’re pretty tough plants.

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Forsythia: Spring Fireworks

Forsythia and daffodils | Spotts Garden Service

Brilliant yellow forsythia shrubs are lighting up March gardens. Use them to colorful advantage in your garden!

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When to Prune: The Garden Pruning Calendar

Fruit tree with winter pruning cut| Spotts Garden Service

You might think that there’s only one good time to prune, but that’s not true! Nearly every season has a pruning task.

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The Kindest Cut: Pruning Shrubs in Spring

beauty berry purple berries

As the weather warms and buds swell on the shrubs, it’s the right time to prune! Here in central Indiana, early spring (mid-March to early April) is the best time for pruning shrubs that bloom in summer. But don’t take

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Hydrangeas: The Cut Down Question

When cleaning up your garden in spring, you might be tempted to cut down your hydrangeas. But wait! In most cases, hydrangeas do just fine with very little pruning.

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Top 5 Indiana Natives for Wet Soil

The scarlet cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is at home in swampy, part-shade spots.

If you have a perennially soggy spot in the garden, make the most of it. Plant it with our Top 5 Indiana natives for wet soil!

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