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The Runner in Your Garden

Allium in the May garden.

It’s May in Indiana, that strange in-between month where temperatures rise and fall like the stock market. While it may be a time of fluctuation, it is also a time of great beauty. Many of the bulbs I planted on

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The 20 Something Gardener. Is It Just Me?

There’s a reason they call us 20 somethings, a term that implies fluctuation and fluidity. Our goals, circumstances, and occupations can change on a dime. We chase opportunities; we go with the flow. Most conversations with friends I haven’t seen

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The Patience of Snow

The Patience of Snow: The stillness of a winter scene reminds us that patience is a virtue.

I just walked in the door from a snowy run in early February. The snow caught me a bit by surprise; it came down hard, and it came down fast. Standing in my doorway looking out, I felt my stomach

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Rookie Gardener

 Editor’s note: We’re happy to welcome our newest staff member, Noah Droddy. He’ll be checking in periodically with posts about life as a novice gardener with the Spotts crew. I’ve been pushing a wheelbarrow for almost ten hours. I should

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