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All About Flower Seeds

zinnia flower

Ed note: Spotts Garden Service is thrilled to be launching a new endeavor this year: slow flowers grown on our own flower farm! A subscription for biweekly bouquets delivered to your door will be available to our customers in Indianapolis.

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Hardy Annuals for Abundant Gardens

If the only annuals you plant are the bedding plants that come in plastic packs from the nursery, you’re missing an inexpensive way to make your garden look lush. Annuals grown from direct-sown seeds provide a huge return on very

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Seed Starting Checklist

Seed start checklist⎜Spotts Garden Service

You don’t need a lot of expensive tools to start your own seeds. Use our equipment checklist to make sure you’re ready for seed starting!

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Choosing the Right Organic Seed-Starting Mix

Seeds and coir seed-start medium⎜ Spotts Garden Service

Finding the right seed-starting mix can be a challenge. We’ll walk you through choosing the right organic seed-starting mix for you!

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The 12 Days of Seed Catalogs

Frankly, we have no use for French hens, calling birds, and partridges (although we’ll be happy to take the pear tree). Instead, we want gorgeous seed catalogs to set us dreaming about the new garden year. All our picks for seed

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Companion Planting in the Vegetable Garden

As you plan this year’s garden, consider using companion planting. By selecting plants that will repel certain pests or improve the soil around other crops, you can boost your yield.

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5 Steps to a Realistic Garden Seed List

During mid-winter, gardeners are prone to “winter delusion,” a condition brought on by withdrawal from working in the soil. Its most common symptom is a complete lack of practicality when planning garden projects for the spring. Take seed catalogs, for

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5 Ways to Hurry Spring in the Garden

We just planted this rye grass last week!

Sure, the calendar says it’s spring, but the garden doesn’t believe it. The ground’s still too wet to plant! So what can you do to hurry spring along?

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Some plants require a head start indoors to ensure they’ll reach maturity during our growing season. Starting seeds can be easy and inexpensive; just follow our lead!

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How To Choose Seeds for the Organic Vegetable Garden

Lettuce is an easy, direct-sow, cool weather crop, perfect for new gardeners.

New gardeners (and experienced ones too) often become overwhelmed by the seed choices available. Check out our tips to help you get exactly what you want when you choose seeds for the organic vegetable garden!

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