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Keep Flowers Blooming with Deadheading

Coneflower | Spotts Garden Service

Deadheading is a specialized form of pruning to keep flowers blooming longer. By continuously removing spent blossoms from your annuals and perennials, you encourage your plants to send out new blooms.

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When to Prune: The Garden Pruning Calendar

Fruit tree with winter pruning cut| Spotts Garden Service

You might think that there’s only one good time to prune, but that’s not true! Nearly every season has a pruning task.

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The Kindest Cut: Pruning Shrubs in Spring

beauty berry purple berries

As the weather warms and buds swell on the shrubs, it’s the right time to prune! Here in central Indiana, early spring (mid-March to early April) is the best time for pruning shrubs that bloom in summer. But don’t take

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Hydrangeas: The Cut Down Question

When cleaning up your garden in spring, you might be tempted to cut down your hydrangeas. But wait! In most cases, hydrangeas do just fine with very little pruning.

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5 Ways to Connect with the Garden in Winter

This Week in the Garden (January 20 to 26, 2014): This old rake is dreaming of spring!

Except for the occasional walk on mild days, most gardeners spend a good deal of the winter away from the garden. But no matter what the winter brings, you don’t have to hang up the shovel completely. These are our favorite ways to connect with

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Treat Your Trees Kindly with Good Pruning

Last week, the Spotts crew noticed some people topping pear trees. We hate to see tree topping, which is incredibly bad for the health of the tree, and frankly, just plain ugly. No matter how common a practice it is, we take

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The Tree in Winter

When the leaves fall, we can really see the structure of the tree.

You might think that when snow is on the ground and a bite is in the air, the garden shuts down. Not so! When the pace of the garden slows, the Spotts crew turns our attention to tree health. We spoke

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Espalier in the Home Garden

This multitiered cordon (also called an espalier form) has a single trunk and multiple horizontal branches. Photo by KVDP. Learn how to use espalier in your garden at

The formal art of espalier just makes us giddy: lots of lovely fruit in little space, plus the opportunity to wield our pruners to create living art. Espalier Espalier (es-PAL-yay) is the art of growing trees in two dimensions. Fruit

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Pruning Shrubs

When we prune shrubs, we want to maintain the natural shape of the plant and make it healthier. Whether your shrub is completely overgrown or just needs a little shaping up, here’s how to do it. Remember, prune summer- and

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The Basics of Pruning Trees

It's the right place to prune limbs on a tree.

Good pruning helps keep trees healthy, and winter is a great time to do it! Pruning gets rid of dead wood, refines the natural shape of the tree or shrub, promotes better fruiting, and extends the life of trees and

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