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The 12 Days of Seed Catalogs

Frankly, we have no use for French hens, calling birds, and partridges (although we’ll be happy to take the pear tree). Instead, we want gorgeous seed catalogs to set us dreaming about the new garden year. All our picks for seed

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Recording the Seasons: The Garden Journal

The garden journal is a gardener’s record book, personal history, and auxilary memory. At its simplest, the journal is a place to record what you planted, when, and how well it did. The more detail oriented may record temperature, rain,

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Garden Design: Beauty Comes from Function

At Spotts Garden Service, we know that function underlies everything else in garden design. When we design, we always start by asking “how do you want to live in your garden?” The garden should be a melding of the personality and

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Welcome to 2013 in the Garden!

A Letter from Terry Spotts, Owner Welcome winter. Welcome 2013. After ten years of business, many gardening adventures, a lot of lessons learned, and mountains of compost and mulch moved and caringly worked into our customers’ gardens, Spotts Garden Service

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Planning for Success

One of the trickiest parts of gardening is learning to think in four dimensions. Gardens change and develop over time, and that little lilac you put in today could be a 12-foot shrub in five years. Enter the crucial gardening

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