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Big Blooms from the Shasta Daisy

daisy garden perennial

Although a vast number of flowers are commonly known as “daisies,” when it comes to the Midwestern garden, the Shasta daisy is tops.

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Trendy, Terrific Succulents

sedum tapestry garden dry

Succulents–those water conserving mainstays of the dry garden–are having a moment.

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Iris: A Rainbow in the Garden

Bearded, or German, iris, likes it hot and dry.

We use a lot of iris in our garden design, and no wonder. It’s a magnificently versatile genus. Some like it hot and dry, while others are perfect at the water’s edge. And—true to its namesake, the rainbow goddess Iris—it grows in

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The Return of the Mum (Maybe)

Mum | Spotts Garden Service

Every fall, magazines show picture-perfect scenes of lush fall mums perking up front porches. And every year, people ask us whether they can plant mums in the garden as a perennial. Our answer is—maybe. Mums fall into two main camps: florist

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You Bet Your Aster

Aster and false cypress | Spotts Garden Service

For fall fireworks, it’s hard to beat asters. With the starry flowers for which they’re named (aster means star in Greek) and wide range of colors, they are a reliable source of flower color when changing leaves are stealing the

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5 Indiana Native Plants You Might Not Know Are Native

Phlox paniculata | Spotts Garden Service

There’s more to Indiana native plants than just coneflowers and black-eyed susans!

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Say Yes to Yarrow

Yellow yarrow | Spotts Garden Service

If your sunny, Midwestern border doesn’t have at least one yarrow, you’re missing out!

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Getting Smart about Groundcover

Geranium 'Biokovo' | Spotts Garden Service

Most people think of groundcovers as the “substitute” plants: ones that are only used where grass won’t create a lawn. What a lost opportunity! When carefully chosen, groundcovers can bring a whole new dimension to the garden.

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Perfect Peonies

Pink herbaceous peony | Perfect Peonies | Spotts Garden Service

Here in Indiana, peonies are synonymous with May. We’ve given them for Mother’s Day, cut them for May bridal showers, and used them to decorate graves on Memorial Day. Drive through nearly any neighborhood in May, and you’ll see at

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Keep Flowers Blooming with Deadheading

Coneflower | Spotts Garden Service

Deadheading is a specialized form of pruning to keep flowers blooming longer. By continuously removing spent blossoms from your annuals and perennials, you encourage your plants to send out new blooms.

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