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Finding a Fresh View in a Familiar Garden

lupin blue flower yosemite

Editor’s note: Gardener and tree aficionado Noah Gaddy recently returned from a vacation to western national parks. Here, he explores how a vacation out west brought him new insight into interacting with familiar gardens.

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Foraging Springtime Delicacies from Indiana Forests

Fiddlehead fern

Editor’s note: Gardener and potions master Jason McClintock is a lover of both forests and fine food. Here, he talks about some of his favorite wild, edible plants. As always when foraging, use a good guidebook and common sense. Before

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You Bet Your Aster

Aster and false cypress | Spotts Garden Service

For fall fireworks, it’s hard to beat asters. With the starry flowers for which they’re named (aster means star in Greek) and wide range of colors, they are a reliable source of flower color when changing leaves are stealing the

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5 Indiana Native Plants You Might Not Know Are Native

Phlox paniculata | Spotts Garden Service

There’s more to Indiana native plants than just coneflowers and black-eyed susans!

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Prairie Dropseed, Problem Solver

Sporobolus heterolepis starts | Spotts Garden Service

One of our very favorite grasses is our native prairie dropseed, Sporobolus heterolepis. It’s incredibly versatile!

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Thanksgiving from the Garden

Cranberries can be grown in the home garden, provided you give them sufficiently acidic soil. Photo by Kristine Paulus, used under CC BY-2.0.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is pretty much a celebration of foods native to the Americas. From the turkey to the pumpkin pie, our native foods take center stage—including many that would not have been present at Plymouth. In fact, you might find

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Persimmon: Indiana Native and Kitchen Star

A persimmon at the perfect stage of ripeness.

With fall comes the return of Indiana’s native fruit, the persimmon. While best known for its status as the star in persimmon pudding, persimmon can be eaten out of hand or included in a host of other recipes.

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Top 5 Indiana Natives for Wet Soil

The scarlet cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is at home in swampy, part-shade spots.

If you have a perennially soggy spot in the garden, make the most of it. Plant it with our Top 5 Indiana natives for wet soil!

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Top 5 Native Perennials for Indiana Gardens

Milkweed is an essential food for monarch butterflies. Top 5 Native Perennials for Indiana Gardens.

We love all kinds of garden plants, but we have a particular soft spot for Indiana’s native perennials. They’ve evolved to handle our clay soil and weird weather, which means they’re easy to care for. They attract birds, bees, and

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Red-Twig Dogwood

Few shrubs make a splash against a snowy landscape like red-twig dogwood. A relatively unassuming shrub during the growing season, in late fall it drops its leaves to reveal brilliant red stems. It’s a winter knockout!

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