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5 Steps to an Earth-Friendly Spring Garden Cleanup

Cut grass and daffodil | Spotts Garden Service

As earth-friendly gardeners, we’re always looking to refine our techniques in ways that benefit the garden and wildlife. One area in which we’ve made changes is how we handle garden cleanup. While we used to cut down as much as

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5 Easy Steps to A Greener Garden

5 Easy Steps to a Greener Garden

You can save resources, encourage diversity, and enjoy a beautiful garden too. The winter planning stage is a great time to consider ways to improve your garden this year. So follow these 5 steps to a greener garden!

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Garden Soil

Great soil is the foundation of a great garden. Here’s our guide to the basics of garden soil science for new gardeners, including texture, nutrients, organic content, and pH.

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The Earth-Friendly Gardener

As the green movement picks up steam, more and more companies claim to be “environmentally responsible.” Surprisingly, the gardening industry is one of the least green we can think of, often relying on huge inputs of water and chemicals. We’re

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Captivated by Compost

Passionate, organic gardeners revere compost. Compost improves soil’s texture, its fertility, its ability to hold moisture, and the amount of microorganisms it can host. Compost feeds the soil, which in turn makes for healthy plants. And most amazing of all, it

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The Magic of Mulch

Hardwood mulch can help suppress weeds, decrease evaporation, and improve soil.

Use mulch in your organic garden to suppress weeds, reduce evaporation, and slowly improve soil.

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