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Wildlife-Friendly Fall Garden Cleanup

Seed head | Spotts Garden Service

Fall is a busy season in the garden. In addition to harvesting in the fruit and vegetable gardens, we spend fall planting new borders, digging and dividing existing plants, and planting bulbs. By the time mid-November comes around, we’re ready

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Top 5 Things to Do in the Garden This Fall

Garden seat | Spotts Garden Service

While fall doesn’t officially arrive for another three weeks, we’re already looking forward to a season of crisp nights and golden days. Take advantage of lovely fall weather to do these 5 tasks, which will make next year an even

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5 Fab Uses for Fallen Leaves

In the forest, leaves fall, decompose, and build up to create highly organic soil, just the kind you’d want in your garden. But we see homeowners raking leaves only to bag them and leave them for pick up. What a

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As the Leaf Turns

Trees are putting on their fall show.

October brings us the height of the fall leaf show. And while you may remember a little about leaf color from grade school science—something about chlorophyll, right?—here are the basics from the USDA Forest Service.

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