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Spotts Garden Service Gift Certificates

Gift with holly

Looking for a terrific gift for the gardener in your life? Consider a gift certificate from Spotts Garden Service!

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Haunting the Garden for Halloween

Use mysterious names on your plant tags for Halloween.

To add a little spookiness to your own garden just in time for Halloween, give these tricks a try!

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The Fragrance of Christmas

Christmas potpourri | Spotts Garden Service

The smell of a fresh-cut tree or the aroma of cookies baking can take us back to previous holidays in a heartbeat. The fragrances on this list are a integral part of our holiday traditions (and probably yours too)!

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Florally Speaking: Flower Language

Different sources offer different meanings for the same flowers. Iris can mean "message," "wisdom," or "inspiration."

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, a truly ridiculous number of long-stemmed roses marches out of florist shops, wrapped in cellophane bundles of 12. How standard. How—dare we say—boring? Instead, choose flowers that say something. By dipping into the Victorian flower language,

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Thanksgiving from the Garden

Cranberries can be grown in the home garden, provided you give them sufficiently acidic soil. Photo by Kristine Paulus, used under CC BY-2.0.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is pretty much a celebration of foods native to the Americas. From the turkey to the pumpkin pie, our native foods take center stage—including many that would not have been present at Plymouth. In fact, you might find

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Top 5 Horror Movies for Gardeners

Zombie hand with remote rises from potted plant.

The best season of the entire year is finally upon us! A season when it’s socially acceptable to knock on a stranger’s door brandishing a weapon and demanding chocolate, or to pay insane amounts of money to wander through a

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5 Romantic Flowering Plants

Sure, a dozen red roses are the go-to for Valentine’s Day gifting. But may we remind you that: they’re usually grown using a massive amount of chemicals and then flown a long distance, making their ecological footprint a large one

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Top 5 Gifts for Gardeners

From crazy expensive hand lotion to tools better suited to displaying than working, most “gifts for gardeners” are useless to actual, in-the-dirt gardeners. Let us point you instead to some presents that plant lovers will actually use. Our crew has used

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A Poinsettia Primer

greenhouse with poinsettias

In honor of the holiday season, a few facts about one of our favorite red flowers.

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The Holly and the Ivy

One of our favorite things about the Christmas season, is, of course, the plants associated with it. When you figure that they have mythologies dating back thousands of years and a lot of them are growing in our own gardens,

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