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5 Ways to Use Herbs in the Garden

sweet woodruff herb garden

Herbs—those plants for “use and delight”—deserve a place in every garden, no matter how small. Check out our 5 ways to tuck herbs into your garden, and get planting!

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The Organic Kitchen Garden

Amy F's organic kitchen garden takes advantage of raised beds to maximize a sliver of space in the garden.

We say, bring back the kitchen garden! Whether it’s a window box full of mint for mojitos or a garden of raised beds, the kitchen garden deserves to reappear in our lives. Fine food begins in the garden. One of

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Bringing in Plants for the Winter

Potted herbs on sill | Spotts Garden Service

The humid summer has been overwhelmed by crisp fall weather, and winter is well on its way. As you pull out your rakes and sweaters, remember to bring houseplants that have been vacationing outdoors back inside.

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The Grazing Garden

Raspberries on fence | Spotts Garden Service

One of the great joys of growing food yourself is nibbling on plants as you work in the garden. But even if you don’t want a full-on kitchen garden, you can tuck plants into your ornamental design that let you snack

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The Fragrant Garden

Clethra alnifolia with butterfly | Spotts Garden Service

One of the delights of the garden is that it appeals to more than one sense. The beauty of color and form, the rustle of leaves, the texture of plants as you brush by, and—of course—the fragrance that envelopes you.

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A Sizzling Salsa Garden

Pick a peck of peppers based on how hot you'd like your salsa.

We love the taste of fresh-from-the-garden salsa; no summer gathering is complete without it! You can grow all the ingredients; just find a sunny spot with good soil for your salsa garden.

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5 Romantic Flowering Plants

Sure, a dozen red roses are the go-to for Valentine’s Day gifting. But may we remind you that: they’re usually grown using a massive amount of chemicals and then flown a long distance, making their ecological footprint a large one

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Super Salvias

The salvias, or sages, encompass both annuals and perennials. For the most part, they love full sun and hot, dry spots, which puts them tops on our list for giving the garden some mid-summer zip. They have a long bloom

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Lavender is for Luck

Lavender is for Luck! Our top picks for lavender for Indiana.

When we walk by lavender in the garden, we can’t help but run our fingers over it to release its sweet, pungent fragrance. Lavender is a great plant for cooks, perfumers, crafters, and anyone who loves a tough, good-looking, drought-tolerant

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The Herb Garden

May is a great time to plant out herbs. Along with your old standbys, consider adding a couple of more adventurous choices this year! Full Sun Basil: Genovese is great for pesto, but try some purple basil for a shot

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