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Spotts Garden Service Gift Certificates

Gift with holly

Looking for a terrific gift for the gardener in your life? Consider a gift certificate from Spotts Garden Service!

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Florally Speaking: Flower Language

Different sources offer different meanings for the same flowers. Iris can mean "message," "wisdom," or "inspiration."

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, a truly ridiculous number of long-stemmed roses marches out of florist shops, wrapped in cellophane bundles of 12. How standard. How—dare we say—boring? Instead, choose flowers that say something. By dipping into the Victorian flower language,

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5 Romantic Flowering Plants

Sure, a dozen red roses are the go-to for Valentine’s Day gifting. But may we remind you that: they’re usually grown using a massive amount of chemicals and then flown a long distance, making their ecological footprint a large one

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Gifts and the Garden

Every December, gardening magazines run articles about what to get the gardener on your list. They are often accompanied by beautifully photographed garden trinkets and doodads. Speaking as professional gardeners, we can tell you that 90 percent of those things

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