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The Organic Kitchen Garden

Amy F's organic kitchen garden takes advantage of raised beds to maximize a sliver of space in the garden.

We say, bring back the kitchen garden! Whether it’s a window box full of mint for mojitos or a garden of raised beds, the kitchen garden deserves to reappear in our lives. Fine food begins in the garden. One of

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Creating a Home Orchard (Even in a Small Garden)

cherry tree home orchard

The next step in our on-going creation of a garden at Spotts Garden Service is to plant our own orchard. It’s a little one, with trees that top out at just 8′ tall and wide, but it will give us

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The Grazing Garden

Raspberries on fence | Spotts Garden Service

One of the great joys of growing food yourself is nibbling on plants as you work in the garden. But even if you don’t want a full-on kitchen garden, you can tuck plants into your ornamental design that let you snack

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Thanksgiving from the Garden

Cranberries can be grown in the home garden, provided you give them sufficiently acidic soil. Photo by Kristine Paulus, used under CC BY-2.0.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is pretty much a celebration of foods native to the Americas. From the turkey to the pumpkin pie, our native foods take center stage—including many that would not have been present at Plymouth. In fact, you might find

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Persimmon: Indiana Native and Kitchen Star

A persimmon at the perfect stage of ripeness.

With fall comes the return of Indiana’s native fruit, the persimmon. While best known for its status as the star in persimmon pudding, persimmon can be eaten out of hand or included in a host of other recipes.

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Espalier in the Home Garden

This multitiered cordon (also called an espalier form) has a single trunk and multiple horizontal branches. Photo by KVDP. Learn how to use espalier in your garden at

The formal art of espalier just makes us giddy: lots of lovely fruit in little space, plus the opportunity to wield our pruners to create living art. Espalier Espalier (es-PAL-yay) is the art of growing trees in two dimensions. Fruit

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Choosing Berries for the Organic Garden

No kitchen garden is complete without fruit. And while tree fruits are a long-term commitment, requiring excellent soil prep and pruning techniques, even brand-new gardeners can have success with berries.

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Great Garden Books for Winter Reading

Great Garden Books for Winter Reading: Six of our current faves to read with a cup of tea by your side.

When the wind howls, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a  good garden book. Here are a few that we’re spending time with right now!

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Apples for everyone!

The light is golden and a chill is creeping in; it must be apple-picking time! What if you could walk out into the garden and pick an apple to eat right off the tree? It’s possible, even in a very

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The Front Garden

Metal tepees covered in runner beans to add vertical accents to this kitchen garden.

Here in America, we have enshrined the idea that the ideal front yard is one with a swathe of perfect green lawn, a tree or two, and a couple of foundation plantings. You can thank late 19th-century landscape architects for

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