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Forcing Branches to Bloom Indoors

Enjoy cherry blooms indoors in late winter by forcing a branch to bloom.

As we continue to slog through winter, many gardeners start getting desperate for signs of spring. One easy, pretty way to hurry spring along is forcing branches to bloom indoors. Because flowering shrubs and trees formed their buds last autumn, they’re primed

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5 Ways to Connect with the Garden in Winter

This Week in the Garden (January 20 to 26, 2014): This old rake is dreaming of spring!

Except for the occasional walk on mild days, most gardeners spend a good deal of the winter away from the garden. But no matter what the winter brings, you don’t have to hang up the shovel completely. These are our favorite ways to connect with

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Amaryllis: A Winter Star

Bawdy amaryllis is a South American bulb that naturally blooms during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, which makes it just the thing for perking up mid-winter doldrums. It’s ubiquitous at Christmas time, when red, white, and pink varieties take center stage.

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Forcing Paperwhites

For (nearly) instant gratification, try forcing paperwhites. These white members of the narcissus family take only three weeks to bloom when you force them in water.

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Forcing Hardy Bulbs

Once you’ve tucked bulbs into the garden, consider planting up a few for forcing! Forcing bulbs allows you to coax bulbs into blooming indoors during winter, no matter how snowy the weather is outside. Choosing Hardy Bulbs for Forcing Hardy

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