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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 September Garden

Asters are a sure sign of early fall. | Spotts Garden Service

The light has become golden, and the crisp winds of autumn are lurking just around the corner. Enjoy the twilight of summer in the garden!

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Splendor in the Grasses

Grasses | Spotts Garden Service

We at Spotts Garden Service are big fans of grasses. They introduce movement, texture, and sound into the garden, providing upright forms that counteract the horizontal planes of many perennials and shrubs. They are fantastic for winter structure; many of

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You Bet Your Aster

Aster and false cypress | Spotts Garden Service

For fall fireworks, it’s hard to beat asters. With the starry flowers for which they’re named (aster means star in Greek) and wide range of colors, they are a reliable source of flower color when changing leaves are stealing the

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Frost and Freeze in the Garden

Frost on kale | Spotts Garden Service

Savvy gardeners watch for frosts at both edges of the growing season. Read on for our breakdown of terms, the difference between a frost and a freeze, and what you can do to protect your garden plants.

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 November Garden

Japanese maple leaf

The weather may be bleak, but the November garden contains flashes of color and life. Bundle up and tidy up for winter!

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What To See and Do in the Zone 6 October Garden

serviceberry orange leaves

The month opens with colored leaves and warm days, but we’ll end with chilly winds and leafless trees for Halloween. Get out into the garden and watch the changes!

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Great Containers for Fall

Fall trio | Spotts Garden Service

By late summer, summer pots and window boxes are usually a little crispy, and we know those summer annuals won’t last past mid-October. Fortunately, a whole new crop of fall plants is available for perking up our containers. By planting them

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Wildlife-Friendly Fall Garden Cleanup

Seed head | Spotts Garden Service

Fall is a busy season in the garden. In addition to harvesting in the fruit and vegetable gardens, we spend fall planting new borders, digging and dividing existing plants, and planting bulbs. By the time mid-November comes around, we’re ready

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Harvest Decor from the Garden

Fall leaves | Spotts Garden Service

Even in November, the organic garden has plenty to offer. If you’re looking for a pretty (and inexpensive) way to decorate the Thanksgiving table, take a stroll through your garden to harvest decor.

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Pumpkins: A Fall Fave

Pumpkin pals | Spotts Garden Service

Nothing is more emblematic of the fall garden—and Halloween—than a bright orange pumpkin. We present to you a few facts about fall’s favorite crop.

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