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Harvest Decor from the Garden

Fall leaves | Spotts Garden Service

Even in November, the organic garden has plenty to offer. If you’re looking for a pretty (and inexpensive) way to decorate the Thanksgiving table, take a stroll through your garden to harvest decor.

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Sunflower Days

Sunflower | Spotts Garden Service

A sure sign of late summer is the appearance of sunflower heads—both in gardens and on door wreaths! With their radiant color and sun-disc shape, sunflowers just seem to go with the hazy days of late summer. While sunflowers may

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Top 5 Kitchen Garden Flowers

Zinnia (shown here with salvia) is an easy-to-grow annual perfect for kitchen gardens. Get all our picks for kitchen garden flowers at

As you’re planning your kitchen garden this year, consider adding flowers. Depending on what you plant, you can use them to lure pollinators, add to salads, and cut a bouquet for the dining room table.

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Top 10 Cutting Flowers for the Small Garden

Cutting Flowers in the Small Garden: 'William Shakespeare' rose and 'May Night' salvia are an early-summer knockout.

Back in the days of grand estates (and probably still at Martha Stewart’s home), gardeners created an out-of-the-way spot dedicated to cutting flowers for bouquets. It’s a genius idea, really. Instead of denuding your peony border or rose garden, you

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