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5 Steps to an Earth-Friendly Spring Garden Cleanup

Cut grass and daffodil | Spotts Garden Service

As earth-friendly gardeners, we’re always looking to refine our techniques in ways that benefit the garden and wildlife. One area in which we’ve made changes is how we handle garden cleanup. While we used to cut down as much as

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5 Easy Steps to A Greener Garden

5 Easy Steps to a Greener Garden

You can save resources, encourage diversity, and enjoy a beautiful garden too. The winter planning stage is a great time to consider ways to improve your garden this year. So follow these 5 steps to a greener garden!

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Amending Garden Soil

In our last post, we discussed the basics of soil composition, plant nutrients, and soil pH. If you’ve taken a soil test, you know exactly what your soil makeup looks like and the current pH. But what if you want

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Garden Soil

Great soil is the foundation of a great garden. Here’s our guide to the basics of garden soil science for new gardeners, including texture, nutrients, organic content, and pH.

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Top 5 Tips for Using Organic Fertilizer

As organic gardeners, we devote ourselves to feeding the soil, not plants. We compost, we mulch, we cover crop—all techniques that replace the nutrients that plants pull out of soil. But no matter how great the soil is, occasionally plants

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Top 5 Ways to Use Compost

Keep trucking in compost! Add compost to your vegetable beds at least once a year, or every time you plant a new crop. Get our Top 5 ways to use compost at

Compost is the free, easy way to feed your garden! It delivers slow-release nutrients and contains billions of microorganisms, many of which stimulate plant growth and help plants resist pests and disease. It also improves soil texture, allowing your soil to

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How to Build a Compost Pile

Building a compost pile is easy! Learn how at http://www.spottsgardens.com/garden-101-how-to-compost/

Every garden should have a compost pile, where kitchen scraps, weeds, dead leaves, and even shredded junk mail miraculously turn into the best garden amendment there is. Learn how to compost, and you’ll soon be feeding your plants with homemade

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The Earth-Friendly Gardener

As the green movement picks up steam, more and more companies claim to be “environmentally responsible.” Surprisingly, the gardening industry is one of the least green we can think of, often relying on huge inputs of water and chemicals. We’re

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The Charms of November

November: leafless trees, early evenings, sleeting rain. Many people have little use for this month, thinking of it as merely a landing pad before the holidays. But for gardeners, November is a Zen experience. November is a window into the

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Create Easy Garden Beds with Sheet Mulch

We use rototillers when we create beds for clients, although we always kill the grass first (rototillers are very efficient at turning one weed into 4000). We till, add compost and amendments, till again, and rake the bed out smooth. It

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