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Top 5 Things to Do in the Garden This Fall

Garden seat | Spotts Garden Service

While fall doesn’t officially arrive for another three weeks, we’re already looking forward to a season of crisp nights and golden days. Take advantage of lovely fall weather to do these 5 tasks, which will make next year an even

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Bulbs for Every Garden Spot

Anemone blanda | Spotts Garden Service

Let the Spotts crew help you decide what to plant this year! We can make recommendations for your garden, order the bulbs for you, and plant them at the correct time. Take a look at our favorite bulbs for different

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Daffodil Delirium!

Daffodils | Spotts Garden Service

This warm spring has prompted the daffodils to make an early entrance. In honor of their brilliant appearance, a few facts about daffodils!

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Amazing Alliums

A bumblebee finds this 'Purple Sensation' allium irresistible. Learn about using allium in your garden at

The alliums have just started blooming in our gardens. These ornamental onions are fabulous for adding height and whimsy to a border. Best of all, squirrels don’t like them, so they bloom for us year after year! In honor of

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5 Ways to Hurry Spring in the Garden

We just planted this rye grass last week!

Sure, the calendar says it’s spring, but the garden doesn’t believe it. The ground’s still too wet to plant! So what can you do to hurry spring along?

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Amaryllis: A Winter Star

Bawdy amaryllis is a South American bulb that naturally blooms during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, which makes it just the thing for perking up mid-winter doldrums. It’s ubiquitous at Christmas time, when red, white, and pink varieties take center stage.

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Tulip Trivia

The variegated tulip means "Beautiful Eyes." Perfect for your sweet one, no?

In honor of one of our spring favorites, some fun facts about the genus Tulipa! • The giant tulips we most often see in gardens are hybrids, most of them developed from Tulip gesnerana.

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Bring on the Bulbs!

Daffodils may bloom early, mid-, or late season in mid-spring.

Fall is bulb-planting season. We love the early snowdrops in February, swathes of daffodils brightening up dreary March, and banners of tulips in April and May. Bulbs give you high impact for little work. In fact, the trickiest thing about

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Forcing Paperwhites

For (nearly) instant gratification, try forcing paperwhites. These white members of the narcissus family take only three weeks to bloom when you force them in water.

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Bulbs: The Minors

We’ve been planting an awful lot of bulbs lately. The idea of putting dried-up little rounds into the cold, wet soil of fall and reaping color in March? It’s worth every downside of planting: scraped knuckles, cold hands, and rotten

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