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Top 5 Horror Movies for Gardeners

Zombie hand with remote rises from potted plant.

The best season of the entire year is finally upon us! A season when it’s socially acceptable to knock on a stranger’s door brandishing a weapon and demanding chocolate, or to pay insane amounts of money to wander through a

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Botanically Speaking: How to Read Botanical Names

How to Read Botanical Names: The dark purple lavender is Lavendula angustifolia 'Munstead' (Lavendula is the genus, angustifolia is the species, and 'Munstead' is the cultivar). The rest is Lavendula x intermedia 'Provence.' (The x in the name means it's a hybrid of two different species of lavender.) Get the scoop on understanding botanical names at http://www.spottsgardens.com/how-to-read-botanical-names/

While common names for plants are charming and often colorful, they vary from place to place. Binomial nomenclature, on the other hand, is the lingua franca of plant nerds everywhere. Learn to read botanical names, and you can make yourself understood

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