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Feeding Birds in the Winter Garden

Finch and coneflower | Spotts Garden Service

As temperatures drop and food sources become a bit more scarce, birds can use extra help from gardeners. Consider feeding birds in your organic garden in late fall and winter, and encourage them with these strategies.

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Top 5 Plants for Attracting Beneficial Insects

Yellow yarrow | Spotts Garden Service

Gardens benefit from a wide range of beneficial insects: those that either prey on other insects (predators) or insects that lay their eggs within other insects (parasitoids). While that visual may bring to mind a horror movie, these beneficial insects

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The Bee-Friendly Garden

Bees in Caryopteris | Spotts Garden Service

June 20 to 26, 2016 is National Pollinator Week. Celebrate by supporting the pollinators in your garden, especially native bees! Give bees a chance with these tips for creating a bee-friendly garden.

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Plant for Pollinators!

Bees are in trouble. Plant a pollinator garden and help bring back the pollinators!

As you’re planning your garden this spring, consider ways to make your garden a haven for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

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Butterflies in the Borders

If you’d like to bring more butterflies to your garden, plant the flowers they love! Adult butterflies prefer flowers that are either daisy-like with tight centers—daisy, coneflower, yarrow, sunflower, sedum—or have spikes or umbrels—butterfly bush, lavender, mint. They’re particularly attracted

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