The Organic Garden: Week of February 13, 2017


February 13 to 19, 2017: Welcome back to our weekly series! This week, we’re making planting plans, ordering plants, and gearing up for starting spring vegetables indoors.


In fruit and vegetable gardens, we’re

Sketchbook with hand-drawn garden plan and packets of seeds.

If you haven’t already inventoried your seeds, ordered new ones, and sketched your planting plan, now’s the time!


In other parts of the garden, we’re

  • pruning deciduous trees. We’ll start pruning fruit trees soon too. Call us at 317-356-8808 to schedule an appointment.
  • walking the garden on warm days and watching for emerging bulbs. With unusually warm temps and no snow cover, lots are coming up early. But don’t worry, they can handle the winter weather.
  • sketching planting plans and dreaming of spring!

Amy graduated from DePauw University with a degree in physics, a lifelong love of theatre, and a problem-solving style that combines the approaches from both those fields. A Master Gardener and long-time communications professional, Amy conducts gardening seminars and blogs about gardening in addition to her work with Spotts.

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2 comments on “The Organic Garden: Week of February 13, 2017
  1. Leannr says:

    I have a Meyer Lemon Tree that I keep in a pot. Could I bring this in to be trimmed and how much would that be? I’m hesitant to prune it myself because I don’t want to harm it.

    • Amy Mullen says:

      We’ve never had someone ask that before! We’re a garden service rather than a shop, so we would come to you and prune on site. I’ll check on this and send you an email directly.Thanks for checking in!

      For others interested in caring for indoor citrus, here’s some information from University of Wisconsin Extension .

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