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Vertical Gardening with Trellises, Arbors, and Pergolas

trellis wood rose

No matter how large or small your garden, you can add height (and get more room to plant) with vertical garden supports. Trellises, arbors, and pergolas get flowers and fruit up off the ground, add structure to the garden, and

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Creating a Home Orchard (Even in a Small Garden)

cherry tree home orchard

The next step in our on-going creation of a garden at Spotts Garden Service is to plant our own orchard. It’s a little one, with trees that top out at just 8′ tall and wide, but it will give us

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All About Flower Seeds

zinnia flower

Ed note: Spotts Garden Service is thrilled to be launching a new endeavor this year: slow flowers grown on our own flower farm! A subscription for biweekly bouquets delivered to your door will be available to our customers in Indianapolis.

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5 Steps to an Earth-Friendly Spring Garden Cleanup

Cut grass and daffodil | Spotts Garden Service

As earth-friendly gardeners, we’re always looking to refine our techniques in ways that benefit the garden and wildlife. One area in which we’ve made changes is how we handle garden cleanup. While we used to cut down as much as

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The Hugelkultur Experiment

Wood debris in hugelkultur |Spotts Garden Service

We’re creating a new garden across the street from our office. This triangle-shaped spot was covered in turf grass, with two dead trees that had to come down. And furthermore, a giant depression smack in the middle of the property

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Wildlife-Friendly Fall Garden Cleanup

Seed head | Spotts Garden Service

Fall is a busy season in the garden. In addition to harvesting in the fruit and vegetable gardens, we spend fall planting new borders, digging and dividing existing plants, and planting bulbs. By the time mid-November comes around, we’re ready

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Bringing in Plants for the Winter

Potted herbs on sill | Spotts Garden Service

The humid summer has been overwhelmed by crisp fall weather, and winter is well on its way. As you pull out your rakes and sweaters, remember to bring houseplants that have been vacationing outdoors back inside.

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Basic Permaculture for Gardeners

Frog | Spotts Garden Service

We’re seeing more permaculture techniques and philosophy showing up in home gardening, and that’s a good thing!

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Tools of the Trade: Amy Mullen

Amy M Garden Talk | Spotts Garden Service

Garden designer, speaker, blogger, and coach, Amy Mullen is a walking garden encyclopedia. Here are her top choices for garden tools.

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Top 5 Things to Do in the Garden This Fall

Garden seat | Spotts Garden Service

While fall doesn’t officially arrive for another three weeks, we’re already looking forward to a season of crisp nights and golden days. Take advantage of lovely fall weather to do these 5 tasks, which will make next year an even

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