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Big Blooms from the Shasta Daisy

daisy garden perennial

Although a vast number of flowers are commonly known as “daisies,” when it comes to the Midwestern garden, the Shasta daisy is tops.

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Trendy, Terrific Succulents

sedum tapestry garden dry

Succulents–those water conserving mainstays of the dry garden–are having a moment.

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5 Ways to Use Herbs in the Garden

sweet woodruff herb garden

Herbs—those plants for “use and delight”—deserve a place in every garden, no matter how small. Check out our 5 ways to tuck herbs into your garden, and get planting!

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Iris: A Rainbow in the Garden

Bearded, or German, iris, likes it hot and dry.

We use a lot of iris in our garden design, and no wonder. It’s a magnificently versatile genus. Some like it hot and dry, while others are perfect at the water’s edge. And—true to its namesake, the rainbow goddess Iris—it grows in

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5 Tips for Stellar Shade Gardens

spring garden bluebells

Shade gardens can be lovely, relaxing spaces. Check out our tips for making the most of yours! Focus on foliage. The appeal of most shade plants lies not in their blooms but in the rich range of colors and shapes

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Foraging Springtime Delicacies from Indiana Forests

Fiddlehead fern

Editor’s note: Gardener and potions master Jason McClintock is a lover of both forests and fine food. Here, he talks about some of his favorite wild, edible plants. As always when foraging, use a good guidebook and common sense. Before

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5 Favorite Spring-Blooming Shrubs for Small Gardens

wisteria blooms purple spring

The daffodils are open, the air is warming, and the spring garden is starting to bloom! The heavenly fragrances of spring-blooming shrubs are one of the best things about the spring garden. But many of the traditional spring bloomers are

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Top 5 Kitchen Garden Flowers

As you’re planning your kitchen garden this year, be sure to add some flowers! Brilliantly colored flowers are a perfect accent to the greens, purples, and reds common in the vegetable garden. Our top 5 all have a use besides

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Pumpkins: A Fall Fave

Pumpkin pals | Spotts Garden Service

Nothing is more emblematic of the fall garden—and Halloween—than a bright orange pumpkin. We present to you a few facts about fall’s favorite crop.

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Garden Horror: Invasive Plants

Just in time for Halloween, we turn our attention to plants guaranteed to give gardeners and environmentalists of all stripes nightmares. We speak, of course, of invasive plants. The USDA National Invasive Species Information Center defines an invasive plant as one that

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