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The Fragrance of Christmas

Christmas potpourri | Spotts Garden Service

The smell of a fresh-cut tree or the aroma of cookies baking can take us back to previous holidays in a heartbeat. The fragrances on this list are a integral part of our holiday traditions (and probably yours too)!

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Harvest Decor from the Garden

Fall leaves | Spotts Garden Service

Even in November, the organic garden has plenty to offer. If you’re looking for a pretty (and inexpensive) way to decorate the Thanksgiving table, take a stroll through your garden to harvest decor.

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Bringing in Plants for the Winter

Potted herbs on sill | Spotts Garden Service

The humid summer has been overwhelmed by crisp fall weather, and winter is well on its way. As you pull out your rakes and sweaters, remember to bring houseplants that have been vacationing outdoors back inside.

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10 Steps to a Terrific Salad Garden

Looseleaf lettuce | Spotts Garden Service

Fast-growing, fresh-tasting, and lovers of cool weather, salad greens are among the first vegetables planted in spring. With frilly, flashy textures and a range of colors, salad plants are also a visual delight. Plants like lettuce are so easy, in

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Seed Starting Checklist

Seed start checklist⎜Spotts Garden Service

You don’t need a lot of expensive tools to start your own seeds. Use our equipment checklist to make sure you’re ready for seed starting!

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Choosing the Right Organic Seed-Starting Mix

Seeds and coir seed-start medium⎜ Spotts Garden Service

Finding the right seed-starting mix can be a challenge. We’ll walk you through choosing the right organic seed-starting mix for you!

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The 12 Days of Seed Catalogs

Frankly, we have no use for French hens, calling birds, and partridges (although we’ll be happy to take the pear tree). Instead, we want gorgeous seed catalogs to set us dreaming about the new garden year. All our picks for seed

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Forcing Branches to Bloom Indoors

Enjoy cherry blooms indoors in late winter by forcing a branch to bloom.

As we continue to slog through winter, many gardeners start getting desperate for signs of spring. One easy, pretty way to hurry spring along is forcing branches to bloom indoors. Because flowering shrubs and trees formed their buds last autumn, they’re primed

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Florally Speaking: Flower Language

Different sources offer different meanings for the same flowers. Iris can mean "message," "wisdom," or "inspiration."

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, a truly ridiculous number of long-stemmed roses marches out of florist shops, wrapped in cellophane bundles of 12. How standard. How—dare we say—boring? Instead, choose flowers that say something. By dipping into the Victorian flower language,

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Some plants require a head start indoors to ensure they’ll reach maturity during our growing season. Starting seeds can be easy and inexpensive; just follow our lead!

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