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The Organic Kitchen Garden

Amy F's organic kitchen garden takes advantage of raised beds to maximize a sliver of space in the garden.

We say, bring back the kitchen garden! Whether it’s a window box full of mint for mojitos or a garden of raised beds, the kitchen garden deserves to reappear in our lives. Fine food begins in the garden. One of

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Top 5 Kitchen Garden Flowers

As you’re planning your kitchen garden this year, be sure to add some flowers! Brilliantly colored flowers are a perfect accent to the greens, purples, and reds common in the vegetable garden. Our top 5 all have a use besides

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Editing the Garden

Border with edits

What you remove from your garden has every bit as much influence as what you add to it. And in our experience, most gardeners are more comfortable adding than subtracting. Learning to remove plants and features that you no longer

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Order Bulbs Now for Fall Planting!

Anemone blanda | Spotts Garden Service

Summer is the right time to start thinking about what bulbs we want to add to the garden. We order bulbs in late August to get the best selection, then store them until we’re ready to plant in October and November. Let

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Marking Out a Garden: Flags, Paint, and Patience

Marking garden with paint and flags | Spotts Garden Service

We’re excited to be building our own garden on the large lot next to the Spotts Garden Service garage! Our  garden has several different borders, each devoted to a different purpose. You can see what we’ve already done in the

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The Grazing Garden

Raspberries on fence | Spotts Garden Service

One of the great joys of growing food yourself is nibbling on plants as you work in the garden. But even if you don’t want a full-on kitchen garden, you can tuck plants into your ornamental design that let you snack

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The Fragrant Garden

Clethra alnifolia with butterfly | Spotts Garden Service

One of the delights of the garden is that it appeals to more than one sense. The beauty of color and form, the rustle of leaves, the texture of plants as you brush by, and—of course—the fragrance that envelopes you.

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Hardy Annuals for Abundant Gardens

If the only annuals you plant are the bedding plants that come in plastic packs from the nursery, you’re missing an inexpensive way to make your garden look lush. Annuals grown from direct-sown seeds provide a huge return on very

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5 Garden Trends We Love

Layered garden | Spotts Garden Service

While garden trends make for fun reading, they rarely affect what we do in our gardens. But here are 5 garden trends we can get behind.

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Winter Interest without the Snow

This garden boasts a creative mix of evergreens that looks great with or without snow.

While our neighbors to the south can grow all winter, and our northern friends have that lovely blanket of white, we mostly have mud. We’ve written before about adding winter interest to the garden. But what can you do to brighten

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