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Warm Winter Means Garden Changes

Cherries | Spotts Garden Service

While many people are celebrating our incredibly mild winter, we gardeners are feeling uneasy. Winter is a time of rest and reset in the garden. Without consistent cold, we can expect some changes in our gardens this growing season. Here’s what to

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Evaluating Garden Health

Milkweed | Spotts Garden Service

We’re big believers that the garden should reflect both the spirit of the place and the personality of the people who live and play in it. We’ve found the best way to keep our gardens moving in that direction is

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Wildlife-Friendly Fall Garden Cleanup

Seed head | Spotts Garden Service

Fall is a busy season in the garden. In addition to harvesting in the fruit and vegetable gardens, we spend fall planting new borders, digging and dividing existing plants, and planting bulbs. By the time mid-November comes around, we’re ready

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Keep Flowers Blooming with Deadheading

Coneflower | Spotts Garden Service

Deadheading is a specialized form of pruning to keep flowers blooming longer. By continuously removing spent blossoms from your annuals and perennials, you encourage your plants to send out new blooms.

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Hardy Annuals for Abundant Gardens

If the only annuals you plant are the bedding plants that come in plastic packs from the nursery, you’re missing an inexpensive way to make your garden look lush. Annuals grown from direct-sown seeds provide a huge return on very

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When to Prune: The Garden Pruning Calendar

Fruit tree with winter pruning cut| Spotts Garden Service

You might think that there’s only one good time to prune, but that’s not true! Nearly every season has a pruning task.

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The Kindest Cut: Pruning Shrubs in Spring

beauty berry purple berries

As the weather warms and buds swell on the shrubs, it’s the right time to prune! Here in central Indiana, early spring (mid-March to early April) is the best time for pruning shrubs that bloom in summer. But don’t take

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Square Foot Gardening: Maximum Food in Minimum Space

When space in the garden is tight, we look for every technique to make the most of it. And one of our favorites for vegetable gardening is Square Foot Gardening. Developed by Mel Bartholomew, Square Foot Gardening maximizes food yields

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Organic Fertilizers for the Garden

Yearly applications of compost will provide most of the nutrients that your plants need. But you may occasionally want to give your plants a boost with an organic fertilizer.

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Amending Garden Soil

In our last post, we discussed the basics of soil composition, plant nutrients, and soil pH. If you’ve taken a soil test, you know exactly what your soil makeup looks like and the current pH. But what if you want

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