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Trendy, Terrific Succulents

sedum tapestry garden dry

Succulents–those water conserving mainstays of the dry garden–are having a moment.

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10 Steps to a Terrific Salad Garden

Looseleaf lettuce | Spotts Garden Service

Fast-growing, fresh-tasting, and lovers of cool weather, salad greens are among the first vegetables planted in spring. With frilly, flashy textures and a range of colors, salad plants are also a visual delight. Plants like lettuce are so easy, in

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Pansies Are for Thoughts (and Cool Weather!)

Viola tricolor, Shakespeare's heartsease.

Pansies are appearing by the truckload in nurseries and gardens alike! Why do we love them so? From their sweet little faces to their multitude of colors, pansies are an ideal choice for perking up a winter-weary landscape.

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Wrapping Garden Pots for Winter

garden container burlap

Winter can take a toll on ceramic pots. When water in them freezes, the soil expands, sometimes cracking the pots. Terra cotta can crumble because of water that gets into the walls of the pot itself, expanding in freezing temperatures. The

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Great Containers for Fall

Fall trio | Spotts Garden Service

By late summer, summer pots and window boxes are usually a little crispy, and we know those summer annuals won’t last past mid-October. Fortunately, a whole new crop of fall plants is available for perking up our containers. By planting them

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Forcing Paperwhites

For (nearly) instant gratification, try forcing paperwhites. These white members of the narcissus family take only three weeks to bloom when you force them in water.

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Winter Windowscapes

Wrapped pot with greens | Spotts Garden Service

You’ve bought the turkey, the table is set, and the house is clean. You’re ready for the beginning of the holiday season. But before Great Aunt Martha and company arrive, take a look at your window boxes and pots. Are

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Super Summer Pots: Warm-Weather Container Gardens

Summer pots | Spotts Garden Service

What could be more cheery than a windowbox overflowing with colorful blooms? Get the most form your summer pots with our tips.

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Spring Pots: Cool-Weather Container Gardens

Spring pots with curly willow

We love pansies as much as the next gardener, but they aren’t the only option for your spring windowboxes and pots. Consider mixing up your flat of pansies with some other cold-hardy options to create gorgeous containers. Combining Colors In

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