Author: Terry Spotts
A lover of earth, plants, and the outdoor world, Terry founded Spotts Garden Service in 2002 with the idea of bringing personal attention to both gardens and the people who own and enjoy them. A graduate of IUPUI with a degree in biology and an Advanced Master Gardener, Terry has a passion for shrubs and ornamental grasses.

A New Chapter for Spotts Garden Service

Nearly fourteen years ago an idea was hatched in my head, acted upon, debated, berated and, finally, brought to fruition. That idea was Spotts Garden Service.

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Missing the Tree Canopy

Missing the Tree Canopy: Tall, long-lived trees—the noble trees—make up the tree canopy. They're just as important in the city as in the woods.

On a walk a few afternoons ago, I turned the corner of a neighborhood street and had a startling revelation: where have all the trees gone? Granted, there were still trees on the street, but mostly scraggly, beaten, or smallish specimens. Did

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Welcome to 2013 in the Garden!

A Letter from Terry Spotts, Owner Welcome winter. Welcome 2013. After ten years of business, many gardening adventures, a lot of lessons learned, and mountains of compost and mulch moved and caringly worked into our customers’ gardens, Spotts Garden Service

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