Author: Amy Mullen
Amy graduated from DePauw University with a degree in physics, a lifelong love of theatre, and a problem-solving style that combines the approaches from both those fields. A Master Gardener and long-time communications professional, Amy conducts gardening seminars and blogs about gardening in addition to her work with Spotts.

What to See and Do in the Zone 6 September Garden

Asters are a sure sign of early fall. | Spotts Garden Service

The light has become golden, and the crisp winds of autumn are lurking just around the corner. Enjoy the twilight of summer in the garden!

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Splendor in the Grasses

Grasses | Spotts Garden Service

We at Spotts Garden Service are big fans of grasses. They introduce movement, texture, and sound into the garden, providing upright forms that counteract the horizontal planes of many perennials and shrubs. They are fantastic for winter structure; many of

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You Bet Your Aster

Aster and false cypress | Spotts Garden Service

For fall fireworks, it’s hard to beat asters. With the starry flowers for which they’re named (aster means star in Greek) and wide range of colors, they are a reliable source of flower color when changing leaves are stealing the

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5 Indiana Native Plants You Might Not Know Are Native

Phlox paniculata | Spotts Garden Service

There’s more to Indiana native plants than just coneflowers and black-eyed susans!

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 August Garden

butterfly coneflower garden

Savor long summer evenings in the garden, but don’t forget the bug spray!

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Trendy, Terrific Succulents

sedum tapestry garden dry

Succulents–those water conserving mainstays of the dry garden–are having a moment.

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 July Garden

july garden coneflower grass

Thanks to record high temperatures and drought, gardens are looking dry. We expect to see fewer fall blooms that we usually do; and so many trees are losing leaves, it looks like September out there!

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5 Tips for Stellar Shade Gardens

spring garden bluebells

Shade gardens can be lovely, relaxing spaces. Check out our tips for making the most of yours! Focus on foliage. The appeal of most shade plants lies not in their blooms but in the rich range of colors and shapes

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What to See and Do in the Zone 6 June Garden

Astilbe bloom june garden

Indiana gardens are glorious in June, especially during the early part of the month. Take a walk through yours!

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Perfect Peonies

Pink herbaceous peony | Perfect Peonies | Spotts Garden Service

Here in Indiana, peonies are synonymous with May. We’ve given them for Mother’s Day, cut them for May bridal showers, and used them to decorate graves on Memorial Day. Drive through nearly any neighborhood in May, and you’ll see at

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