Terry Spotts

Owner and Gardener

A lover of earth, plants, and the outdoor world, Terry founded Spotts Garden Service in 2002 with the idea of bringing personal attention to both gardens and the people who own and enjoy them. Growing up in northeastern Indiana as the son and grandson of floral shop proprietors instilled in this lifelong organic gardener a fascination with plants and how their beauty affects our lives.

A graduate of IUPUI with a degree in biology and an Advanced Master Gardener, Terry has a passion for shrubs and ornamental grasses. His garden aesthetic emphasizes tying the home to the earth with gardens that are interactive and interesting in all seasons.

Amy Friedly

Lead Gardener and Thrift Store Junkie

A Master Gardener, Amy brings a background in art and a natural feel for stonework to the Spotts team. A graduate of Miami of Ohio in sociology, Amy today wrangles weeds and logistics as our lead gardener.

In her own garden, Amy’s love of cottage style is evident in quirky found objects, homemade benches, and the pond that combine to create a welcoming atmosphere. Amy is a firm believer in outdoor living, treating her garden as an ever-changing extension of her home.

Amy Mullen

Lead Designer and Urban Farmgirl

Amy graduated from DePauw University with a degree in physics, a lifelong love of theatre, and a problem-solving style that combines the approaches from both those fields. A Master Gardener and long-time communications professional, Amy also blogs and presents on gardening topics.

Amy designed her front-yard food garden to integrate permaculture principles with a traditional potager style. Her small urban garden serves as combination mini-farm and ongoing experiment.

Doug King

Gardener and Ace Hoofer

Doug has worked with Spotts Garden Service for eleven years. In that time has moved several mountains of compost, mulch, plants, and stone. The Spotts crew love Doug for his strong back, work ethic, wonderful sense of humor, and impromptu dance breaks.

A graduate of Ball State, Doug is a professionally accomplished actor, choreographer, and director. He shares our passions for being outdoors, working hard, and working smart, qualities reflected in his own garden.

McKenzie Spotts

Gardener and Biz Wiz

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, McKenzie splits his time between working in the garden and running the accounting side of Spotts Garden Service.

His passionate interest in earth and environmental issues help inform the Spotts crew as we refine our sustainability practices. In his own garden, McKenzie experiments with growing edibles and pursues a burgeoning interest in herbal medicine.